Introducing NEA body scrub and face mask!

It’s been 9 months since we spoke and we have missed you guys tremendously!

But we haven’t been quiet and lazy….we’ve been working on a new project!

imageWe are proud to introduce our new body scrubs and face masks!!

image imageOur first scrub is a coffee, oats + sugar body scrub.

image This scrub feels AMAZING on the skin. The coffee is great for getting rid of cellulite, oat moisturizes, and sugar exfoliates dead skin cells.

The scrub as a whole evens out the skin tone and we have an amazing secret ingredient that leaves the skin feeling soft and smells amazing.

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Healthy & easy Avocado & shrimp recipe straight from my kitchen!

Ok so I want to share this little story with you ?

I entered the kitchen today and it didn’t burn down! You read that right ?.

I found out I discovered Avocados. I know, genius! ?

This is a recipe I created and it is 100% healthy. So when you’re feeling peckish and feel like chowing down something fancy, you can try my delicious recipe.

Let’s get to it, shall we? 

You will need

1. Avocados (duh of course) 

2. Shrimps  (double duh)

3. Cucumbers 

4. Chopped celery

5. Chopped onions 

6. Chopped tomatoes 

7. Lemon juice

8. Chopped green peppers 

 Can we talk about the health benefits first? 

It’s a combination of various sources of useful nutrients. Eat your greens! ?

Prep time 10mins. Cooking time 5mins. 

How to prepare:

With your already chopped ingredients and cleaned shrimps, heat a frying pan.

In place of oil use butter and allow to melt on the heated frying pan. 

Add onions, tomatoes and shrimps and allow to fry. Spice with whatever you wish. 

 For this recipe I used the basics: salt, pepper, curry powder, garlic, ginger, dried thyme, basil leaves and maggi. A true blood Nigerian always cooks with maggi?

After adding the spice add your greens (green pepper and celery). We add them last so they won’t lose their value and die in the heat. 

Allow to fry for 30 seconds and turn off the heat! You don’t want those greens dead.  

 Mix your cooked shrimps with the avocados and cucumbers. Drizzle on some lemon juice.  

 This creamy rich recipe can be enjoyed with something crunchy or soft. I chose doritos to go with mine!  

 You can use pringles or if you crave something heavier, use bread. You can use whatever really, just have fun with it! 

That’s all folks! Thanks for stopping by and we love love love you.

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Do you love cooking too? Trying new recipes? Let us know some of the recipes you’ve created so we can try them?

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Simple dinner outfit (less is more) 

Let’s be honest, I’m a very simple girl ?. My parnter on the other hand? Not so much ?.

I love throwing on cute outfits that take me less than 2 mins to arrange, complications aren’t my style… Shhhh be quiet, you know it’s true ?.

I’m not so big on accessories; I live a  less is more kinda life ?. It feels amazing to not have to worry about over dressing, under dressing the right amount is always safe.

So after teaming up with our go-to model again, here’s a simple idea at the top of my mind. 

  It is a simple, quick and easy dress that can never go wrong.

  The model here is wearing absolutely no accessories ?.. Ok ok just an earring ?, a simple diamond stud earring. I do not consider it too much, in fact it’s nothing at all ?.

  So folks, always keep in mind that simplicity is key ? and less is more! Like my partner says “It’ll catch on pretty soon I promise” ?.

She’s wearing minimal make up that suits the dress perfectly. A simple cat eye and a pink lipstick can never go wrong! 

  Also keeping it simple with these lovely babies ?, love never felt so comfortable?. 

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Deck the halls with b&w

We love a little rebel, not afraid to take risks. It’s the season of red, gold, green and blah. But then must we really follow tradition? Why not create our own look with this head to toe black and white fun? #badbuttkanyeface


imageI absolutely love how these boots give it a christmas feel.

imageShe’s rocking leather tights, and this is the perfect weather to rock some if you own some. It’s edgy, and we can’t argue that it steals the show…I’m just saying ?

The white sweater is perfect for the christmas feel and that hair…. I just ludore.

imageOf course we didn’t go light on the make up. The smoked eyes, the lipstick. Anyone who walks into a room looking like this will definitely steal the show.


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Lipstick: Classic in tomato red


Beyond beauty in dark red


Hair: Attach and Detach fringe band



Christmas Goth

It’s finally that time of the year and to think it feels like just yesterday we made our first post on the summer look book. But now the bells are ringing, snow is falling but uhhhhhh not in every part of the world! The sun is shining more than ever here, we just get cool dry breeze that cracks our lips and dries our hair; a weather called harmattan, can you guess where I am? ? you guessed right!

So then we don’t get to wear the big winter jackets and snow boots….but we here at clairesunny know how to have some fun.

We got your backs homies!!! Now more than ever.

It’s all about the effortless edgy look. Of course we love to add our own twists and turns

imageIt’s a simple look. I have on a tank top, jeans and heels…that’s what you would wear everyday right? But to give it that christmas feel we’ve added the jacket.

imageSo have a go with our first look.

image Throw on a biker jacket and feel good.

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DIY trousers to shorts

Do you have that one trouser you now hate? Oh please, this is not a tv commercial.

But seriously though, we all have that one jean trouser or whatever it may be that we’re quite tired of.

Take me for example, I had mom jeans, you heard that right! And uhhhh how I hated them!

But thankfully, my partner is blessed and she was like “Yo dwin, don’t throw them away, turn them into shorts!” That’s not how she said it but you get the idea.

So first of all you need to have them jeans right? And this is an easy three step tutorial!

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Orange detox water

Hey guys ? it’s been oh so long!

But yolo! We’re back ? and swinging!

So today’s post is about detox……hmm detox. We’ve heard about detoxing and  what not. We’ve seen the celebrities on  Instagram yapping about their detox teas. You need to buy those teas and ain’t nobody gat time for that!

So we’re here to help you make your own! But before I continue, allow me to introduce you to the life of detoxing. It is a process of cleansing your insides so you’ll be healthy and all that.

Like they say, staying healthy is 100% ……

imageSo of course you need an orange…like duh!

A cute orange ?. Don’t peel it, just saw it in half ?

imageThen go ahead and make semi circles ?

image  Then throw those oranges in a glass of ice and wait for 3 minutes and viola! You’re done ?

Obviously the liquid is the detox water and enjoy feeling healthy ?


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We love you…..besos ?

My skin care routine

So they ask me

“Heyo dwin! Why you ain’t gat no pimples homie?”

Ok that is so not how they would say it ? and besides I have pimples…. I’m a girl, duh!

The thing is I know how to care for them so they don’t leave my face looking all confused.

It’s easy, don’t pop it.

But there are skin products that I use to maintain my skin. I never said my skin was flawless, it is spotted and I love it! I grew up in Nigeria, those mosquitoes have done some justice!
imagePertaining to body cream I use Queen Elizabeth’s body cream. Guys queen lizzie doesn’t actually use this…how should I know anyways.

imageTrust me this product is bomb! Ever since I joined royalty my skin has been getting better. This product is available for purchase…interested? Email me


image imageAnd then we have our second! For all y’all that really hate wrinkles (pips like me)


It is absolutely amazing and leaves you wanting more….. Totally affordable and available in cosmetic stores or pharmacies.

imageNext we have my absolute best! This I use for bug bites and scars and it works like magic

imageTo those wondering why I don’t have pimples, this is it guys….shhhhhh don’t tell anyone but this product is just amazing

imageOh come on our foot is part of our body and we have to take care of it! So this is a journey I’m about to embark on….lets see if those spots disappear….wish me luck cause I think I’ll need lots of it ?

imageThis is how I care for my face!

imageEvery once in a while we have to exfoliate to get rid of that dead skin and this product is an absolute must have for that purpose

imageWe shouldn’t stop there….. It is always nice to explore other options and I highly recommend this.

imageWe are almost done ..bear with me

And the last but not the least (why do people even say that ?)

we both know we need this one …we can’t do without this one….. Come on say it with me….. VASELINE.

imageGrowing up as a child I got used to this product..I mean who wouldn’t?

Oh em gee the bottle is so not slay worthy ? just shows you how much I ludore it ?

You need this…”for what?” You may ask….well here is why

  1. It can be used to grow hair in places needed
  2. It can be used to groom the eyebrows
  3. It moisturizes
  4. You should just try it
  5. I ran out of ideas in no.4……… I know ?

So there you have it! Absolute must haves for your daily skin care routine!

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The art of creativity

Hello dear friend…feel free to step in!

I am so excited to share what we have been working on!

We all tap into our creative side once or sometimes…?

Today we will be sharing with you how we get down (jesus not that!) I mean how we get down with our creativity.

We’ve been asked alot…”what inspires  you?” The simple answer could be money? But let us be a bit humane

The thing is we love and enjoy what we do…. It is as easy as abc

Here we show you a few tips on how we come up with our ideas…. So lets begin

  1. Inspiration

The number one thing is to be inspired! In today’s shoot we try to portay a dead female trapped in her mind.
  2. Understand the idea
Obviously your inspiration would give you an idea of the stuff you want to write about.

Our idea is a model laying on a floor covered in red.
 3. Have a good title
Our title here is DEAD AIR

Picking a title is very easy…. Simply look for key words and place them in a way that makes sense!
 4. Make it attractive

Clearly we pay more attention to things that pleasure our eyes. As they say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”…..and the owner of the face

Have fun writing about it or creating it… You should be able to smile when your finished and make other people smile if not you just wasted your time.#hashtruth
 5. Reach out to an audience
Last but not least you should know your audience… My audience is you…and yes i reached out to you.

Make it known what you want to do… Create a brand!

And there you have it! We gave you our major points but not everything… A girl can keep her secrets right?!




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DIY….long lasting body art! 

Hello we met not too long ago but I just can’t help it….. I got to tell you another secret! ?
Now I talk to much so let’s get to it!
This is very easy and can be achieved in four simple steps!

But first you’ll need……

1. Baby wipes

Found in pharmacies or makeup shops

2. Eye liner stick

 It usually comes in the liner bottle or as a brush

3. An unimportant art brush and baby powder

 Every one has a powder of some sort…. Not brown powder tho! And this brush is very affordable so stop whining!

4. Jel liner

 Ok this is a bit on the pricy side. This jel liner is from zaron and it’s not so easy to get but it’s not all so important so if you don’t have this you can skip this step. But then again it might be very important.

5.  Body spray

 This is from HUG and it’s very affordable….all you need is body spray and if you have that (which will be very weird if you didn’t) you can always use hair spray ….”everybody has hair spray” (sarcasm!)
Now on to it

1. The first step is to clean the spot you want to draw on with the baby wipes. After doing that, clean the eyeliner stick with wipes.

Dip the stick in the jel liner or liner liquid and begin to draw whatever you want

 This is just a tutorial so here I try to draw what I think is the channel logo…..don’t hate on it I’m a pretty good artist……on the drawing book. Try to ignore the spot on my arm ?

2. The second step is to thicken the drawing with the jel liner. Make sure it’s as visible as you want it

3. Next you use the brush and the powder and apply it on the “artwork”. Keep applying on the spot for about 1 min until the powder blends into your skin

4. After that we’re down at the final step. Spray it once or twice with the body/hairspray and allow to dry.. The spray makes it last longer

And there you have it! A not so perfect body art! Hey I’m so good …..I know
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It’s been nice talking to you clairesoldiers! And when you’re done with it …it should look a little something like this

And yes it lasted up to a day on my arm! And then you can slay in pictures cause I think everybody likes that….

We live to slay everyday

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